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Last week's explosion attributed to paramilitary forces

"[The attackers] found what they came for."

SEATTLE: Knight Errant authorities are continuing the investigation, however yesterday Ares Macrotechnology CEO Damien Knight held a press release to quell fears about any future terrorist attacks.

“At this time, we have concluded that the attack on Bracy Industries was carried out by an unknown military force targeting bioware research. Fortunately, however, we see no evidence that attacks of this scale will continue. We are certain that whatever organization that carried out this attack found what they came for.”

Several citizens in the area have expressed some concerns that the attacks will continue, however.

“I don’t believe that one bit”, local business owner Harold Jackson said. “This was obviously a move by foreign attackers who are after our research centers. Mark my words, these [expletive deleted] terrorists are going to hit us all.”

When asked to address these concerns, Knight had this to say: “If this were a military strike from a foreign nation, we would have had more attacks of this nature by now. The fact that the NGO that committed this vile act has not attacked again tells us that the perpetrators have completed their task.”

Damien Knight declined to elaborate on what was stolen, saying only that “Bracy Industries was simply looking to perfect existing technology, everything that was taken from them can be easily found at any of our bioware dealers, and has little to no value on the black market.”

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Not sure if you want us to respond to these in character or not, but I just wanted to say that I love reading updates like this about our exploits.


Feel free to comment in character if you want! It would add more flavor to the news updates but it’s not something I want to force anyone if people aren’t interested in playing on “days off”.


To those not in the know. Our tracks are covered and leading in the wrong direction. To those in the know it is seen how versatile BlackWater® can be. It may also have the added benefit of staving off a brute force attack from any of our rivals in the field.

Good job everyone!

One note to add. Next time don’t blow up the scientists. That’s just bad press and people look harder to find the guy that blew up civilians than the one that killed some mercs.


OffKilter OffKilter

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