Cyberpunks and Cyberjerks

Brackhaven Investments

While the team waited for their VIP, Rick Jones to arrive, Rin decided to scout ahead in the Matrix to see what he could find. It didn’t take long for him to discover a security host in the shape of a massive medieval fortress, complete with patrol IC shaped like wizards patrolling the walls and ramparts. Rin decided that with two decks breaking into the security host would be a worthwhile endeavor, if only to obtain control of the building’s security features. Rin first discovered that there was a set of infrared tripwires immediately inside the door leading down to the 55th floor, and it didn’t take much to set them up to deactivate as they would pass by. Rin also took the time to hack into the monitors for the cameras so that they would run a simple 5 minute loop. By this time Rind discovered that his overwatch score was quickly climbing and decided to regularly reboot his decks in order to reset his score and stay incognito.

Once the VIP arrived, Slim took the opportunity to greet him and quickly hit him with a tranq patch, knocking him out for the rest of the mission. The rest of the team managed to ambush his two guards without much trouble. Rune then cast a disguise spell on Slim that made him appear to be the VIP and hid the bodies in an alcove.

The team didn’t have too much trouble at first, especially once they discovered where the meeting was to be taking place and what it was about. Slim decided to attend the meeting as Rick Jones while the rest of the team descended the tower to the IT department. Nala managed to convince one of the bankers on the 46th floor to tell her about Jim in IT who might be able to let them into the server room. The team, minus Slim and Cinder slowly made their way down the tower using the armor jacket of one of the guards they had subdued as a disguise along with Nala’s charm.

They passed checkpoint after checkpoint with relative ease until they came across Jim in IT. Jim was decidedly more suspicious of them, but a timely commlink hack by Rin convinced them they were legit. Jim in IT allowed them into the server room and was quickly knocked out, after which Rin jacked into the main server to work his magic.

The virtual data host was made up to appear as a 1950s suburb, complete with patrol IC disguised as friendly policemen and paper boys. The data was located in a mock-up of Brackhaven Manor in the center of the suburb, so Rin changed his appearance to that of a postman and ran silently up to it.

After several close calls, Rin managed to successfully copy the files he needed and place a data bomb to cover his exit, but unfortunately an inopportune data spike went out at the last possible second and alerted the host to his presence. Rin quickly jacked out and told the rest of the team that they needed to be gone.

Rune and Fingers set up poor Jim in IT for the fall and planted him with drugs after getting him high off bliss, and as they fled the floor to the roof Rune managed to see a spirit of air rise up through the floor. Slim texted Eliza to set up her distraction and the riot outside soon became a roar.

The team again made it past most of the checkpoints, but after they recovered Slim and Cinder they were stopped by a group of security on the 55th floor. This group wasn’t letting anyone pass, as they were advised to lock down their floor until the situation downstairs could be worked out. This prompted Slim to signal the attack, causing the team made short work of the guards. It was not without bloodshed of course, the fight ending with the team killing one and maiming another. Rune managed to catch another glimpse of the air elemental quickly clearing the floors below them and told the team it was high time they left.

As Slim was still in disguise, he hijacked the helicopter and allowed the rest of the team to get on the chopper with the real Rick Jones and his guards. While they flew off Slim and Nala rouse Rick, and explained to him that he saved him from a disastrous investment plan and that Brackhaven Investments would soon be going under. He told him to keep Blackwater in mind if he needed some dangerous work to be done in Seattle, and the team abandoned the chopper in their Nightwing Gliders.

Eliza, happy with the results of the run, paid the team as agreed, promising work in the future. She assured them that she would get the evidence to DA Dana Oaks and that Brackhaven would soon be rousted out of power. She also expressed deep gratitude on behalf of the Ork Underground and that they would have their back in the future.

For now, the team has earned a well deserved break. The weeks pass, and it becomes clear that Brackhaven’s career is forever ruined. It’s only a matter of time before he is impeached, and Eliza appears to be next in line for governor.

All in all, a good night in the shadows.

Be advised, you all have obtained a point of street cred for taking on Brackhaven Investments in a relatively smooth manner. Keep building that rep!


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