"Imaginary" Annie Goldsmith

Criminal Attorney


“Imaginary” Annie bailed you all out of jail and seems to think you guys have what it takes to make a name for yourselves. She’s relatively well connected too, so she’s good for more than a get out of jail free card.


Annie Goldsmith was an orphan struggling to survive on the
brutally mean streets of Seattle when she heard Cat calling
to her, singing a song of power. Cat loved her for who she
was: for the first time her sticky fingers, light feet, and sharp
tongue were assets, not reasons to be scorned. Honing her
talents as a burglar and con artist, Annie ran into trouble
with the law time and time again. She noticed a major problem
in the legal system, which is that all too seldom were
criminal lawyers really able to identify, sympathize with, and
get behind the needs of their clients, most of whom were in
fact criminals.

Annie decided the way to rectify this was that more
criminals should become lawyers, and she led the charge
herself. Since then, she has been a very successful criminal
defense attorney and fixer; she’s stayed off of the radar of
major law enforcement, but those in the know in the Seattle
shadows will often recommend her as a go-to gal for criminal
defense or the general shady dealings that may well lead to a
need for a good criminal attorney.

"Imaginary" Annie Goldsmith

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