Cyberpunks and Cyberjerks

Legwork and Planning

After recovering from the ambush at the Zoo, the team managed to put together the two files and discovered that Brackhaven was not only trying to delegitimize the Ork Underground, he was also trying to starve them out and destroy them. The completed file indicated that this plan was codenamed Project Daybreak. According to the file, the governor’s chief of staff had an insurance policy, all the evidence he needed to prove Brackhaven to be as corrupt as he really is, located in the Brackhaven Investments building on the tenth floor.

There are also several unread messages from the team’s contacts. Turns out everyone who wants the commlink decided it was more cost effective to just buy it off them.

The messages all contained offers from 4 separate entities; Ares Macrotechnology, Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, a man named Zane, and a group calling themselves Project Freedom.

Ares did not mention in their message why they wanted the commlink, nor did they seem like a viable option. They were offering 200,000¥, however. Mitsuhama made it clear that they wanted Brackhaven out of power, probably to get a foothold in Seattle, and they were also offering 200,000¥. Zane declined to offer the information of who he worked for, but the team assumed that he was working for Brackhaven because of the amount he was offering, 400,000¥. Finally, Project Freedom could only offer 80,000¥, but the representative who got in touch with them, none other than Eliza Bloom who had run against Brackhaven in the last election, wanted to get the information to destroy Brackhaven’s image and force him out of power. Project Freedom was based out of the Ork Underground, the district of Seattle that Brackhaven wanted gone.

A long debate followed, with no decision coming in sight. Slim suggested that they had two options, go big or go safe. By going big they would sell out to Zane and take the money, but by going safe they would get the device to Project Freedom and develop valuable connections in the Ork Underground. It finally came down to a vote, but completely unexpectedly the team voted to sell out to Zane.

This came as somewhat a shock, and it was Argyle who finally spoke up against Brackhaven. Soon after, Rin advised the team that Project Daybreak had come up with more funding, provided they sell the device to them and only to them, as well as aid them in securing the files from the BI Building.

The team finally decided to hear out Bloom’s offer, and managed to squeeze out an extra 10,000¥ as well as 50,000¥ if they managed to successfully break into Brackhaven Investments and retrieve the evidence against Brackhaven. Project Freedom had connections in the building and was also able to set out a plan of attack; the team would glide onto the roof of the building and make their way down. They would also leak out enough details and seed enough discontent to cause a riot in front of the building. Once the team had the files and was ready to escape, they will send out a mass text to cause the riot to turn violent and cover their escape. They would also provide the team with a budget of 50,000¥ to buy what equipment they needed.

What followed was nearly a week of planning, plotting, and buying, but it’s now the night of the plan and after a quick flight the team is now on the roof of Brackhaven Investments.


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