Brackhaven Infiltration Plan

Prior to insertion:

Drone drops off router to spoof cameras (4 out of 4 hits already rolled)
Rin will hack the security just prior to our arrival (7 hits)


Nightwing gliders to coincide with Riot below and just prior to the arrival of the VIP. Neutralize VIP and guards (if any). Slim to take on role of VIP (Magic hits 7), Argyle and Cinder to take on rolls of bodyguards (Disguise checks Argyle 5 hits, Cinder 9 hits). Nala will be posing as an executive assistant (Disguise hits 4). Fingers (Disguise hits 7) to pose as a human guard, Rune to pose as a business associate (Disguise hits 6, Magic hits 5). Rin will be with us, but he will be invisible (Spellcasting net hits – 5)


Party will quickly interrogate the VIP to get essential info, and then bind and gag them in an alcove (5 hits on perception to place them there).

Blackwater will then proceed to descend in to the building, impersonating the VIP as far down as we can reasonably do so, then we will attempt to stealthily proceed the rest of the way to floor 10.

Escape Plans:

1. If no alarms tripped, the party will proceed back to the roof, and escape using the VIP’s helicopter.

2. If we do trigger the alarms, but don’t encounter tremendous resistance, we can proceed down to the basement parking garage, and escape there.

3. If everything hits the fan, we will blow a hole in the side of the building, and either hang glide out, or use the rope gun and stealth rope.

Brackhaven Infiltration Plan

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