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Shots Fired at Local Nightclub

Eyewitnesses report multiple injuries and 6 dead

SEATTLE: A representative of local nightclub Dante’s Inferno has reported a shooting that occurred last night at approximately 9:00 PM. Several patrons were injured, however an unidentified group of five or six nightclub goers escaped after killing three of the shooters. The remaining three reportedly surrendered and subsequently committed suicide prior to the arrival of police.

The shooters are believed by Knight Errant to be members of a Yakuza cell that have recently become active in the area. Forensic mages and specialists are currently gathering physical and magical evidence as of this writing and hope to identify the targets.

“This appears to have been a hit on another gang that is trying to gain a foothold in Seattle”, Knight Errant detective Theodore Athack said in a press release. “Based on preliminary evidence and witness testimony the gang seems to be called Blackwater. We are currently investigating any leads we have on this gang and are requesting that any citizens who have information to share with Knight Errant to place an official report.”

The shooting appears to be unrelated to a second shooting that occurred this afternoon at the Fort Lewis Zoo.


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