Welcome to Seattle, chummers. This is where the shadowrun was born, where the only thing keeping a good shadowrunner from becoming a dead one is a matter of who you know and what you know. It doesn’t matter if you’re here for the money, to escape from someone (or something), or if you’re one of those idealistic types, you’re in the right place to have some fun.

It was only supposed to be a simple smash and grab, but before you knew it you found yourselves with a hot commlink and it seems like everyone wants it. They aren’t asking nicely either, so unless you really enjoy being ambushed it’s time to get rid of it. You can’t just throw it in a dumpster and forget about it either, because now that every g-man, gangster, ninja, and your mother’s dog knows you have it they won’t stop coming until you find a buyer.

Pretty fragging wiz, huh? At least it won’t be boring!

Cyberpunks and Cyberjerks

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